Documentary on HP Waste IssueOne primary objective of Deer Park Ecological Program is to work towards building an environmental resource centre for the entire Kangra valley.  Accordingly, Deer Park is in the early stages of building its library on environmental and ecological topics in Tibetan, Hindi and English languages. Resource materials include reports, books, journals, films, magazines, pamphlets and posters collected from various meetings, training sessions and organizations that program staff have attended or visited.

During 2008 we worked to amass an extensive selection of reputable documentaries on various ecological issues, especially on waste, for local screening. We have interviewed senior activists on the waste issue and posted these clips on YouTube ( The interviews have garnered positive feedback online. The Deer Park film team is now working on a short bilingual (English and Hindi) documentary on waste for our awareness campaign.

From May 2008, we began developing an ecology education curriculum for primary and high school teachers to use in their classrooms. This curriculum includes detailed lesson plans on topics such as global warming, the dangers of plastics, waste management, water conservation and sustainable agriculture. Posters with images and illustrations related to these topics will be provided to teachers willing to implement this curriculum in their schools on a regular basis. Based on this curriculum, we plan to conduct more school workshops and teacher training programs.