June 17th – August 9th 2013 (8 weeks) Timing is 9am-12 noon

8 weeks Tibetan Language Program

with Lopen Pema Longdrol

Intermediate Tibetan Language Course

 June 17th – August 9th 2013

(8 weeks)


The Intermediate Tibetan Language Course is a continuation of the Basic Tibetan Language Course. The aim is to further develop knowledge of modern spoken and written Tibetan from simple sentences to more complex sentence structures. New vocabulary and grammar structures will be introduced which will develop further fluency in the Tibetan Language.

Thonmi Sambhota’s grammar treatise Legs bshad ljon dbang (Wish-fulfilling Tree) will be taught to introduce students to traditional grammar particles in both written and classical Tibetan. The aim is to introduce students to grammar structures found in classical Buddhist texts and to begin to translate classical Buddhist texts from Tibetan to English. The translation class will translate the root verses of The Praise to Dharmadhātu (ཆོས་ཀྱི་དབྱིངས་སུ་བསྟོད་པ) from Tibetan to English.

 A basic level of spoken and written Tibetan is required for this course.

 Course materials will be provided in class.

 Teacher:       Lopon Pema Longdrol

 Schedule:     Monday – Friday  

                    9:00   am – 10:30 am      Grammar Class

                    10:30 am – 11:00 am      Tea Break

                    11:00 am – 12:00 pm      Translation Class


For information on registration please contact info@deerpark.in. For information concerning the Tibetan Language Course please contact Julie Jay at juliejoolz81@yahoo.ca.


Lopen Pema Longdrol


Lopen Pema Longdrol is from east Bhutan. Lopen has been practicing the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism since the age of 10 when he joined Chokling Monastery in India as a monk. During his 4 year stay at that monastery, he learned about Tibetan culture, as well as to read and write the classical Tibetan language. In 1994, Lopen joined Dzongsar Institute. There he completed the Madhyama Diploma in 1998, the Shastri degree (Bachelor of Arts) in 2001, and Acharya degree (Master of Arts) in 2002. Lopen also taught some classes for at least one year at Dzongsar Institute.

In January 2004, Lopen joined the College of Higher Tibetan Studies located at Sarah, Dharamsala, India, where he studied more about Tibetan grammar, history, poetry, etc.

In September 2004, Lopen began teaching the monks at Chokyi Gyatso Institute, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s monastery in Dewathang, Bhutan. He was also the assistant principal of the Chokyi Gyatso Institute. 

In addition to these experiences, Lopen has taught in Brazil for 4 months in 2012 and has been teaching at Deer Park Institute since 2011.