13th-17th November, 2014

Buddhist Meditation Retreat

Ven. Sudhammacara



November 2014

Clear Sky Meditation Retreat

by Ven. Sudhammacara

This ‘ Clear Sky  Meditation Retreat’ is based on the One Dharma Meditation Method compiled by Ven. Sudhammacara. It consists of three kinds of practice: mindfulness of  subtle body sensation, compassion meditation and ana-pana sati

(mindfulness of in-breath and out-breath). 

 These practices enable us to dwell in the present moment.  Here and now, we gradually uncover our  Clear Sky in ourselves which is usually clouded by our deluded, non-stop thinking. We go back to our true home with peace and joy after traveling abroad painfully so many years.  In the end, we are finally discovering who we really are. 

 These intensive silent retreats will include regular sessions of sitting and walking meditation, accompanied by Dharma teachings and personal guidance. The retreat is open to both beginners and experienced meditators.  The retreat will  also include Yoga classes which are led by Reiko Azuma, who has been teaching Yoga in Ven. Sudhammacara's meditation retreats. 

Guests and visitors who are not able to attend the whole retreat may attend some sessions,but are requested to maintain silence around the meditation hall and dining area, to support the retreat-ants.

Ven.Sudhammacara was ordained in the Japanese Soto Zen tradition in 1983, under Kosho Uchiyama Roshi lineage.

You can hear his English Dharma talks through iTunes podcasting.

You can read about Venerable bio from his website. 


Retreat is open to all and free of charge.

Please contact info@deerpark.in for registration