27th April-1st May, 2015

Chanting & Retreat on Bodhisattva Ārya Tārā

led by Raji Ramanan

Chanting of 



Twenty-one Homages to Ārya Tārā

         Chanting &  Retreat  on Bodhisattva  Ārya Tārā

Tārā the supreme goddess of the Vajrayana pantheon  occupies  a very unique position amongst its practitioners. In her one finds a perfect  coming together of Wisdom and Compassion .  While the   masters  and adepts  look upon her as the great mother of all Buddhas  , her  endearing qualities make her an intimate friend and a mother who is there to protect her children anytime they call upon her . Devotion to her has found expression in many texts and poetic works . Her mantras , sadhanas and dharinis  have over centuries been practiced  with great devotion. Her practice varies  with simple chanting to  intense profound ones .  Of the many liturgies that abound the Tara practice is  Aryatara-mantramula-stotra-namaskara-ekavimshatika-nama or Chanting  of Twenty-one Homages to Ārya Tārā.  The twenty one verses can be chanted simply  as a daily devotional practice or at the ultimate level ,having different sadhansa and mantras . 

The retreat will have five sessions which will include understanding of  the Sanskrit text with proper pronunciation of the words .Time will also  be allotted for quite meditation, Tara mantra practice and  chanting of the Twenty One Ārya Tārā  text. The sessions will incorporate, Refuge, Offerings, Four Immeasurables , Seven Limbs prayer  and   Twenty One  Praises


Conducted by Raji Ramanan