May 21-27th, 2012

DVD Dharma study group Madhyamakavatara - Introduction to the Middle Way (San Francisco, 2004)

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche (recorded teaching)

The Madhyamakavatara, considered to be a masterpiece on the Madhyamika “Middle Way” philosophy, is a treatise on the two types of selflessness composed by one of the most well-known Indian Buddhist panditas, Chandrakirti.

Chandrakirti's work is a commentary on the Mula-Madhyamaka treatise of Nagarjuna. The Mula-Madhyamaka treatise is itself a systemization of the Prajnaparamita or "Perfection of Wisdom” literature - the sutras on the crucial but elusive concept of emptiness. The Madhyamakavatara of Chandkirti expresses both the profound aspect of Nagarjuna's Mula-Madhyamaka, namely emptiness, as well as the vast aspect - the paths and bhumis of the bodhisattva.


In Year 2004 Rinpoche will be going over the 6 chapter of the text.


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