February 15-25 & March 2-12

Intensive Classical Tibetan Language course

Prof. Kurt Schwalbe

This is the third time Prof. Schwalbe is offering this wonderful course at Deer Park. Students from the last two years have given very positive feedback. In particular, this intensive and enjoyable course has high success rates with people who had previously started to study Tibetan and given up in frustration. Two levels are offered: introductory and intermediate. English is the language of instruction. Below is the approximate outline of the language course as a week by week plan.

First week: Learn the writing system and pronunciation
Second week: Start learning the grammar, the way thelanguage is put together. Illustrate by reading phrases together.
Third week: Continue learning grammar. Illustrate by reading simple sentences.
Fourth week: Read more advanced sentences. Read a folk tale and the Heart Sutra.


First week: Review of the writing system and grammar
Second week: Read sentences and short poems
Third and fourth weeks: Read longer works. Emphasis on how the language is put together.

The recommended textbook for this course is 'An Introduction to Classical Tibetan' by Stephen Hodge.

Please email us a short description of your history of studying Tibetan if you wish to enroll in the intermediate level.