23rd to 29th May 2014

Intensive Yoga retreat - 1 week retreat of Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga

Conducted by Yogacarya Roshan Palat

Intensive Yoga retreat - 1 week retreat of Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga 

Conducted by Yogacarya Roshan Palat, this 1 week intensive retreat of Yoga will be composed of two integrated segments. Many thousands of years ago the clairvoyant Rishis (sages) of India discovered the spiritual wisdom which they enshrined in the texts called the Vedas.These are the oldest spiritual works of humanity. Raja or Royal Yoga, the primary teaching of the week long retreat, is the highest system of yoga in the Yogacara tradition of the Vedas. Composed by the great Rishi  Patanjali, Raja Yoga deals exclusively with control over the mind , senses and perception. Through stages it takes the aspirant to the stage where the indivisible divinity is experienced within the varied forms of common reality and within the self.


The purpose of this Raja Yoga course will be to introduce the students to the theory and practice of the 8 part system of Ashtanga Yoga- more commonly known as the Raja Yoga Sutras of Rishi/Sage Patanjali. Raja Yoga, first recorded in texts which are now 3000 years old, is the crowning synthesis of  long traditions of different yogas that culminated in the experience of Samadhi/All-as-One or Prajna. 

The 8 part yoga will be communicated to the students through techniques recommended by Rishi Patanjali himself. These tantric techniques of Yoga are not usually taught to beginners because they are advanced and are practised after many years of yogic endeavour. However, we will only be practising the beginners versions of the different yogic techniques we will be covering within the retreat.  The students will also have a window on the advanced practices and can grow into the advanced practices with time and practice. 

The 1 week Intensive Yoga retreat requires no previous experience from the students. The physical and breath based exercises taught will be of a beginners stage. Depending upon the needs and capacities of the class, intermediate-advanced techniques can also be taught and/or displayed.
Though there are no physical fitness requirements, students previously suffering from either high blood pressure/ cardio-vascular complications or those prone to seizures are advised to contact the teacher as such students will be taught physical and breath techniques which are different to those being taught to the rest of the class.  

The structure of the course will be such that the students will engage in 5 modules daily:

1)Bhakti Yoga/Yoga of Passionate Devotion

Morning and evening sessions of 21 Tara Stotra/Hymn in Sanskrit

The 21 Goddess Tara Stotra is an ancient hymn and meditational method based on tantric visualisation. It originated in the tantric centre of TaraPeeth( The Seat of Tara) in Orissa, became popular in Kamarupa( ancient Bengal and Assam) and was transmitted to Tibet as well.

1) Hatha Yoga/ Physical Asana module
There will be two Hatha Yoga sessions daily-

Morning Arohana Yoga
A light and vitalising Hatha Yoga routine to begin the day and comprised of the following sequences:
Surya Namaskar/ Sun salutation exercise
8 basic body postures
Light 'sukha' pranayama ('pleasurable' life-force control)

Evening Bhoomika Yoga
The main Hatha Yoga session for the day and comprised of the following sequences

12 basic postures and advanced variations taught, depending upon the needs and capacities of the students.
The 5 meditational postures

2)Mantra/ Nada Yoga and Pranayama module 

An introduction to the Pranayama(Life force control) techniques, Mudras(Signs/symbols) and Bandhas(Body locks)
An introduction to the theory and practice of Mantra/Mind-vibrations and Nada/Sound-vibration 

3) Meditation and Kundalini Yoga module 

Meditations on the Raja Yoga Sutras
An introduction the Meditation techniques of Laya-Tantra/Dissolution Yoga and Advaita /All-as-One  Yoga

4) Karma/Seva Yoga

Work done to maintain the grounds/gardens at DeerPark, helping out in the kitchen,herbal garden, in the library,etc. 

5) Raja Yoga

The main Raja Yoga sessions-theory classes will be held twice a day. All the 4 sections of the Raja Yoga sutras will be covered during the retreat.  

The modules will have explanatory and theory classes as well as the practice of the different techniques involved.
Class schedule is as follows:
6:00am-6:30 am- BHAKTI YOGA I



(with a 10 min break between two sessions)

10-10:45am-KARMA/SEVA YOGA I

11:00am-12:30pm-PRANAYAMA/ MANTRA YOGA I


1:30-2:30pm-BREAK I

2:30-3:30pm-KARMA/ SEVA YOGA II


4:30-5:00pm-BREAK II WITH TEA



7:00-7:30pm-BREAK III

7:30-8:30pm-LAYA/KUNDALINI I

8:30-9:00pm-BHAKTI YOGA II

9pm-Daily session ends

Hatha Yoga,the second yogic aspect of the retreat literally has two meanings-Forceful and Sun and Moon. It means the forceful balancing of the solar and lunar energies within the human body. This balancing is necesarry if one wants to attain sucess in the higher path of Raja yoga.If the vessel, that is, the body is not prepared it cannot act as a receptacle for higher consciousness and energies. Everybody understands the influence of the Sun over all life on planet Earth. Moon's energy is less understod but if one just thinks about how vast and massive the oceans of this planet are and that the moon moves these oceans everyday in the form of tidal waves, one can imagine the influence of the lunar energy over our own much smaller body which is 72% liquid. By placing the body in specific physical positions and breathing in specific patterns along with visualisation we attain the expansion and balancing of the solar and lunar energies within the body.

About the teacher:
After being initiated by Yogacarya Rajendran in Kerala, Roshan left the law firm he was working in and proceeded to the Uttarkashi region of the Himalayas where he trained under Swami Ganeshwara Giri for 3 years in the esoteric tradition of Yogacara and Laya(kundalini) yoga. The hatha yoga tradition that Yogacarya Roshan teaches is based on the lineage of Swami Satyananda Saraswati and Swami Sivananda Saraswati in whose institutions he gained extensive training. Having taught Raja yoga and Hatha yoga for 8 years, Roshan arrived at Bir in 2012 to undertake studies in Mahayana buddhism under the general guidance of Dzongsar Khyentse Rimpoche.