August 16-19, 2012

Intensive Yoga Retreat

By Mani Chaitanya

Intensive Yoga Retreat


Led by Mani Chaitanya


This is an intensive program to detox and rejuvenate the body and breath through twice daily yoga sessions, pranayamas (breathing techniques) and yoganidra (yoga sleep). Guided mediation and a theory class on the basics of yogic tradition are also included.


 (Tentative daily schedule)   

0530 hrs               Yoga Asana & Pranayama - Practice ( 2 hrs)

0730 hrs               Breakfast  

1000 hrs               Yoga Philosophy - Discussion  (1.30 hrs)

1200 hrs               Lunch 

1600 hrs               Yoga Asana & Pranayama - Practice ( 2 hrs)

1800 hrs               Dinner & Rest

1900 hrs               Meditation under the sky & Informal Talk on Yoga system



Mani Chaitanya:

Mani Chaitanya is a dynamic, inspirational Sivananda Yoga teacher who brings his energy, humour and philosophy to every class he teaches. Mani began his yoga practice when he was 12 years old and continued with eastern philosophy and religious studies and devoted himself full-time to yoga.  Though he travels often to different part of the world to teach international courses to train the Yoga Teachers, but continues to study with his teachers and believes experiencing Oneness is possible for all people regardless of their age, gender, skin colour and even their health. Mani teaches his students to take their yoga off the mat and apply the principles learned in class to their lives outside of the studio and retreats. He is the director of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in New Delhi and manages the Centres and Ashrams in Japan and Thailand. He can be reached at