March 2-6, 2010

Nature and Art

Deer Park Institute is pleased to present the 2010 Arts Retreat exploring the connection between art, nature and spiritual practice. This year the emphasis is on the Five Elements and brings together five highly accomplished instructors from India and the Naropa Institute in Colorado, USA. The collaborative workshops encompass classical Indian music, poetry, painting, Vedic chanting, Chinese calligraphy and the Chinese five element system. The retreat includes lectures and discussions, readings, film evenings and daily meditation.

2010 Deer Park Arts Retreat resource people are:

Marlow Brooks, calligrapher, painter and acupuncture practitioner. She has studied oriental calligraphy for 22 years and teaches calligraphy and contemplative psychology at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.
Prabodh Parikh, poet, philosopher, film and art critic. He will share Rabindranath Tagore's reflections on the five elements.
Raji Ramanan, Sanskrit scholar and a senior translator. She has been extensively involved in the areas of Buddhism, Indian culture and social movements and has designed and led courses in Sanskrit Buddhist terminology and Indian literary classics.
Andrew Schelling, poet, Zen practitioner and wilderness advocate is the author or editor of sixteen books and numerous chapbooks. He teaches poetry and Sanskrit at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.