April 4 & 5

The Profound Method for Bringing Forth the Nature of Mind

Sogyal Rinpoche

Deer Park is honoured to again host teachings by Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the highly acclaimed Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. With his remarkable gift for presenting the heart essence, spirit, and flavour of Tibetan Buddhism in a way that is both authentic and profoundly relevant to the modern mind, Sogyal Rinpoche is one of the most renowned teachers of our time. The atmosphere Rinpoche creates is one of incredible warmth, love, and penetrating insight, as if he were speaking directly to the heart of each and everyone present. He is often called an incredible communicator, and people around the world remark on the power his teachings have to reveal a glimpse of the innermost nature of mind and bring lasting transformation and confidence in how to face the challenges of daily life.