October 8-10

Three-Day Silence Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

Ven. Aggacitta and Melitis Kwong

Meditation is a way of training and transforming the mind. It is a very simple exercise allowing ourselves to be mindful and clearly present to whatever thoughts, sensations, or emotions occur. If we continue to simply allow ourselves to be aware of the activity of our minds, we will gradually come to recognize the transparent nature of the thoughts, emotions and perceptions we once considered solid and real.

This three days retreat will include instructions on sitting and walking meditation and how to carry out mindfulness in daily activities. There will be talks on the “Wisdom and Methods” based on the teachings by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist master.  This retreat is open to both beginners and experienced meditators.

This retreat will be led by Ven Aggacitta and Melitis Kwong.

Venerable Aggacitta is a Theravada monk from Japan. He trained under the Burmese and Sri Lanka Buddhist monastic tradition for 9 years. He has been studying under various teachers of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Melitis Kwong is a long time student of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. She has completed a 3 years retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.