Auguest 13-15,2011

View and Meditation

Khenpo Nawang Osel and Melitis Kwong

“In Buddhism, the view is essential for both theory and practice. All the various Buddhist schools and paths have been established based on the right view, and the result of the Buddhist path – enlightenment – is none other than the complete understanding or realization of the view.” Quote from Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, teaching on Madhyamakavatara.

The study and practice of the Middle Way encompasses the view of non-duality and the practice of compassion and Bodhicitta (the wish for enlightenment for all beings).

In this three-day retreat we’ll explore the view of the Middle Way through discussion and contemplation.

There will be periods of silent sitting, walking meditation and compassion meditation to establish understanding and to actualize the Buddhist view and practices.