14-18 August

Vipassanā retreats

Venerable Phra Ajahn Damrongdham Phothinantasuriya and Venerable Phra Srayuth Boonnimitra


Schedule of the retreat:


                    Topics covered

Paramita Practice

Four Types Of Lotus

 Four Noble Truth

 Noble Eight Folds Path

 Paticca-samuppada The Law of Dependent Origination

 Rupa Jhana and Arupa Jhana (8 Stages of Meditation)

Qualities of the Noble Ones


6:30-7:30 am          Pali Chanting and guided Meditation at Buddha Hall           

9.00- 11:00 am       Vipassana at Manjushri Hall

2:00- 4:00 pm         Dhamma Talks, Discussion, Q&A at Manjushri Hall