May 17 -21 9:00-10:30 and 2:30-4

Workshop on Classical Charya Dance

Rajendra Shrestha

Charya dance and songs are the part of Buddhist Tantric Ritual. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is called Mudra Dance. In He-Vajra Tantra, this dance is called Vajra Nritya Vajra Dance - 'The Dance of Meditation'. Charya songs are written by 84 Maha Siddhas and other Practiceners.

We are very honored to have Mr. Rajendra Shrestha to lead a five-day work shop on the basic movements of charya dance, the meanings of various mudras and a dance on "16 offerings of Manjushri".

Mr. Rajendra Shrestha was born in Nepal in 1957. He is a trained dancer, dance instructor, and actor. He is also the founder and director of Kala-Mandapa, the Institute of Nepalese Performing Arts,. He has been Touring and giving workshops, demonstrations and solo-performance at universities, museums and monastery as well as leading dance groups for various art festivals in European countries,north American countries as well as other Asian countries.