Mar 31 - Apr 1, 2012

Writing the Wild

Janet Thomas

Two days in the hills, connecting to nature, writing poetry and reading the work of Gary Snyder, poet, essayist, Buddhist and elder statesman of the natural world.

Under the inspiring peaks of the Himalayas we will write, contemplate and share Snyder’s work and our own. Gary Snyder is the highly acclaimed author of sixteen collections of poetry and prose was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1975 and was a finalist for the National Book Award in 1992 and 2005; he has been awarded the Bollingen Poetry Prize and the Robert Kirsch Lifetime Achievement Award and lived in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada since 1970.


Janet Thomas was born in Wales and raised in various homes and gardens across Canada and the U.S. Her writing encompasses plays – produced from L.A. to NYC; travel writing – from books about hostels to editor-in-chief of SPA Magazine. Her published books include: The Battle in Seattle—The Story Behind and Beyond the WTO Demonstrations and Day Breaks Over Dharamsala—A Memoir of Life Lost and Found. She studied poetry with Kenneth Rexroth and Philip Levine. She lives, writes and teaches in the northwest corner of Washington State in the U.S.

Daily scheduled to be announced.