22nd March -29th March, 2018

" Samantabhadra Pranidhana" ( THE KING OF Aspiration PRAYERS )

with Raji Ramanan

Chanting Workshop

Samantabhadracarya Pranidhana   ( The King of Prayers )


22nd March -29th March  ,2018

Time:6:45- 7:45am

         4:30 -5:15 pm

The King of Prayers

The Extraordinary Aspiration of the Practice of Samantabhadra

In Sanskrit: SamantabhadracaryaPranidhana

This prayer is the  culminating section of the Gandavyuha sutra. 

 Gandavyuha sutra in turn is the last chapter of Avatamsaka sutra.

This sutra narrates the story of a young seeker, Sudhana who is searching for a spiritual guide .And thus begins the story of an individual’s philosophical quest which has been told with great wisdom and skillful means. Sudhana wants to  learn the ways of a bodhisattva under Manjushri but Manjushri sends him to various teachers .The journey of Sudhana ends when he meets Samantabhadra who gives him the Extraordinary Aspiration prayer,

During his journey, Sudhana meets a number of spiritual guides who tell him of their own practice in the bodhisattva path . His quest takes him from one teacher to the other until he meets Samantabhadra who in reality is the quintessential bodhisattva. At the request of Sudhana,Samantabhadra recites the "Extraordinary Aspiration" summarizing all the practices and views of a bodhisattva, the teachings of the fifty-two teachers.



The  workshop will have the following  Structures

  • Introduction to the meaning of the mantrafor effective chanting.
  • Correct pronunciation .
  •  Chanting and meditation
  • Understanding seed syllables
  • Question-answer and practice session


Raji Ramanan