Manjushri Hall

Manjushri Hall is our main teaching hall. It can accommodate up to 120 people. The bodhisattva Manjushri is the embodiment of transcendent wisdom. The statue in this hall shows an unusual form of White Manjushri, which arose as a vision to Jamyang Kh

yentse Wangpo and is known in Tibetan as Jamyang Zer Barwa (Blazing Light Manjushri). Instead of the more familiar sword-wielding posture, Manjushri is depicted in the ‘teaching mudra’, holding two lotus flowers which support the sword (symbolizing the wisdom which cuts through ignorance) and the prajnaparamita text (symbolizing learning)

Tara Hall


Tara Hall is used for our community meetings, yoga classes, and various secular workshops. The hall is named after the female Buddha Tara who embodies compassionate action, removes obstacles and liberates from fear. Tara Hall was the first hall completed at Dzongsar Institute in the 1980s, and it served as the main assembly hall and classroom until the Buddha Hall, and later Manjushri Hall, was built. The original statue of Tara was moved to Dzongsar’s new campus at Chauntra in 2004.


Buddha Hall

Buddha Hall is used for daily meditation and the teachings of a small group of students. Many students also use this hall for their daily practice.