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Deer Park Institute welcomes people who can help us carry out the vision of the Institute by contributing their skills, talents and good intentions to projects at Deer Park and its network organizations, and who are interested in the study and practice of Buddhism, or other profound traditions of inner development.

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, the founder of Deer Park Institute, has said that he would like all the volunteers or staff in such centers and institutes to see their contribution as karma yoga practice (seeing ‘work’ as ‘spiritual practice’), an opportunity to accumulate merit and to work for the Dharma.

We welcome people with skills and experience in the areas of community work, ecology, education and media, along with some administrative abilities. Basic English is required. Hindi proficiency is desirable.

All full time volunteers are entitled to free board and lodging at Deer Park, and may also participate in Institute programs during their time off. This is a great opportunity to stay in the sacred Himalayas and live close to many great masters and Dharma practitioners.

In order to ensure the suitability of the volunteer, we have a screening process (through emails, telephone or in-person interviews). At that time, job description and time commitment will be determined. There is a six week probation period.

Please kindly send a short introduction of yourself and why you would like to volunteer in Deer Park to volunteer@deerpark.in. We will respond to your email shortly after we process your enquiry.