Waste Management System at our Campus

Deer Park believes that to effect positive change in the community, we must first start with our own internal approach and practices. Thus we strive to become a model for environmentally sustainable living, which includes following environmentally friendly solid waste management practices and using renewable forms of energy.

Steps taken so far include:

  1. Segregating all waste in the campus ‘eco zones.’ Recyclables are given to local scrap dealers.
  2. Organic matter is fed to local cows.
  3. Non-recyclable waste, such as snack packaging and tetra-paks, are stored in a segregation room until a responsible solution is found.
  4. We strongly encourage students and guests to reduce consumption of such products.
  5. Supporting local food production and minimizing consumption of products packaged in non-environmentally friendly materials. Deer Park’s healthy vegetarian meals are cooked primarily with foods grown in our own garden or bought from local farmers.
  6. Providing a free-refill filtered water system for visitors as an alternative to bottled water.
  7. Producing a pocket-sized illustrated pamphlet called ‘Mindful Travel in Kangra’, to help visitors to our district reduce the negative environmental and cultural impacts that accompany tourism.
  8. Raising awareness of local and global environmental issues among our students and visitors, through displays and information sheets posted around the campus, film screenings and workshops. Many of our philosophy and arts programs also incorporate an environmental theme.
  9. Using solar hot water systems to conserve electricity.