Concept Note

Volunteer-led Community Support Group @ Deer Park Institute, Bir, HP

The Deer Park Institute (DPI), founded in 2006, is a centre for the study of classical Indian
wisdom traditions. The Deer Park campus attracts visitors from diverse backgrounds. People
of different nationalities, ethnicities, religions, age, sexual orientations, abilities, genders,
caste, class, race etc. come to participate in its vibrant programs of workshops and events. Or
simply to come and live here while engaging in their own personal practice.
To support inclusivity and diversity the Community Support Group (CSG) has been set up with
the objective of facilitating an overall atmosphere of security, trust, understanding and
camaraderie. It is intended that the CSG shall serve as a first responders to address any
physical, emotional and psychological discomfort that the students or visitors might face
owing to any inappropriate behaviour of any guest or staff member, or of a personal matter.
Deer Park has a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of sexual misconduct, bullying,
harassment, and all guests are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner as
encapsulated in Deer Park’s Code of Conduct.
The CSG will therefore engage with any complaint arising from any violation of the Code of
Conduct or any other inappropriate behaviour as well as mental health issues of which we
see an increasing incidence. The endeavour will always be to help the aggrieved person, the
person responsible, as well as the Deer Park Institute through a process of dialogue,
Considering that such services are not easily accessible in Bir or its neighbouring towns, the
services of this CSG can be accessed free of cost (or by dana/donation), by guests of Deer
Park Institute. This includes both – residents and non-residential registered participants.
Please bear in mind, this CSG is limited in scope – kindly read carefully, the section on what
this CSG is and is not.

*To schedule a meeting with our CSG volunteers, please fill up the CSG intake form here –
or access the form by scanning this QR code                                                                                                 

If you would rather speak with one of us rather than filling the form, please contact Pravin

on +91 – 70184 06363

For any other clarifications too, please call +91 – 70184 06363

or email –


– The primary role of a CSG is to create a safe and non-judgmental space for people to
share difficult situations, circumstances, issues or crises, concerning their
experiences within the said organisation or the immediate vicinity/neighbourhood.
– The role of a CSG volunteer is to lend a compassionate and empathetic listening and
reflective space to the individual/s. Our volunteers are tasked to serve as a sounding
board to address and mitigate concerns pertaining to social, cultural, physical and
emotional dissonance as they arise.
– The CSG volunteers are only equipped to serve as first point of contact with relevant
soft skills in limited areas (please read the bios of each volunteer to ascertain their
respective areas of experience).
– Where need is indicated for professional or longer term intervention, the CSG shall
assist and offer guidance in exploring alternatives, based on their knowledge of local
resources and broad experience of community well-being issues.
– This CSG also serves as a safe space to bring forward grievances pertaining to any
Deer Park staff. Confidentiality of the complainant will be strictly observed.
– Where necessary, the CSG shall involve board members or any other
facilitators/remedial procedures in place.

– This CSG does not function to offer professional expertise such as those services
offered by qualified psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists or any
other experts in the field of mental health.
– The role of our CSG volunteers is not that of a guru, doctor, shrink, shaman, healer or
life coach.
– This CSG’s function is not similar to or a replacement for a mental health service
center or a primary health care center.
– The CSG volunteers are not equipped to ‘resolve or fix’ concerns related to mental,
physical, physiological or spiritual health.
– The role of the CSG volunteers is not advice driven or prescription-based.
– Community members accessing the services of this CSG are not obliged to give any
gift/s in kind or currency to the volunteers. They are welcome to forward any
dana/donation to Deer Park Institute to support its community outreach initiatives.