Policy for Students & Guests

Deer Park Institute Rules and Regulations for Guests
In order to ensure that all our guests can have a contemplative
atmosphere for their study and a safe and healthy environment for their
stay during any course or otherwise, we request all our guests to read the
following rules/ regulations carefully and sign on the agreement, as a
token of their voluntary acceptance of the entire agreement. Deer Park
Institute reserves the complete right to request any guest who violates the
following rules/ regulations to leave the Institute premises immediately
without any obligation to justify the decision and without any obligation
to compensate such guests.

Accommodation in Deer Park Institute is reserved only for students who
enroll for any program/ course and such accommodation shall be available
to such a student/ guest only for a maximum duration of stay in one
stretch for the duration of the course concerned and in no circumstances
can such a stay exceed the duration of the course, unless the guest/
student is attending more than one course, one after another, or at the
discretion of the management of Deer Park. The entry and stay of any
such student/ guest is subject to the policy of Deer Park Institute and shall
be at the sole discretion of the Management of Deer Park Institute.
Certain areas of the Deer Park campus have been demarcated as out of
bounds for visitors, students, and guests. These areas are clearly marked
by “No Entry” signs. All visitors, students, and guests are expected to
respect these boundaries.

The Deer Park Code:
1. Always be of help to others. At least do no harm to any other person,
living being, animal, or plant. Do not attempt to pet or feed any
pets including dogs and cats on the Institute premises.
2. Respect others’ property. Do not take what has not been freely given
to you.
3. Be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions. Lies, gossip,
frivolous, or divisive speech can hurt and create long-lasting distress
and suffering to the victims.
4. In aspiring to make our campus non-discriminatory, gender-equal,
and respectful to all communities, including the LGBT, and other
minorities, strive to be extra mindful about sexual comments, or
behavior that may amount to sexual harassment or misconduct,
whether deliberate or unintentional.
5. In order to create a calm and contemplative environment that is
conducive to meditation and “mind training”, we do not permit the
consumption, drinking, or smoking of any intoxicants and non-
vegetarian food in any part of the Institute’s premises and guest

General Rules:
1. In order to maintain the quality and effectiveness of all teachings of
any course, all students and guests must strictly follow the course
rules and the course timings.
2. All students and guests are requested to conserve energy and other
natural resources in the Institute including electric power and water.
3. We have a system of waste management. All students and guests are
expected to follow Deer Park waste segregation policy posted in
areas such as the dining hall and guest room.
4. No impoliteness or discrimination towards any of the faculty
members, other guests, visitors, or staff.
5. Deer Park equipment may not be used without prior permission,
even if it is found in the guest’s room or common areas.
6. All students must follow Deer Park Library Rules and maintain the
proper condition of the books and other study material, whether the
guests and students desire to read such material or borrow books/
material from the library, subject to deposit of refundable security in
the office. All books/ materials borrowed by students/ guests must be
returned within the time stipulated. Failure to do so would make the
student/ guest liable to pay a nominal surcharge for each book per
day kept beyond the stipulated time and liable to forfeiture of their
security deposit. Such a student/ guest would be disentitled from
borrowing any other book/ material until the entire surcharge has
been paid.
7. Entrance to all areas such as teaching halls, shrine rooms, or any
kitchen requires prior permission from the management. Any misuse
of the facilities in Deer Park is strictly prohibited.
8. All students are requested to register in the Dining Hall area for their
meals at least three hours before each meal if they wish to dine in the
9. Our kitchen staff aims to prepare a wholesome, balanced menu with
a variety of cuisine daily. However, we cannot accommodate special
food preferences and requirements of each individual. Please do not
remove any cutlery, plates, bowls, cups, or glasses from the Dining
Hall area.
10. Any request made outside Office Hours will be attended to only on
the following day, unless there is a medical emergency.
11. Deer Park Institute does not have a residential doctor or medical
facilities in the campus. Anyone with any physical or mental illness
must inform the office so the Institute can advise whether it may be
possible for him or her to stay in Deer Park.
12. In case any student/ guest of Deer Park damages Deer Park
equipment or other properties, the student/ guest shall be liable to
pay a compensation or fee to Deer Park, the amount of which shall
be at the sole discretion of the management of Deer Park Institute.
13. In order to respect the local tradition, students/ guests should avoid
wearing tight, transparent, or revealing clothes and should dress
14. Please be mindful of safety when lighting candles or incense in the
15. Deer Park is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings,
personal illness, injury, or accidents that any student/ guest may
suffer during their stay at Deer Park.
Guest Room Rules for residential students:
16. Deer Park guest rooms are only for students who are attending Deer
Park programs/ courses or intending to have a short private retreat.
Please clear your boarding-lodging and any other dues every
Monday at Deer Park Office.
17. Due to restriction of electricity supplies, we cannot accommodate
any electrical appliances such as hair dryers, or heaters, in the guest
18. Guest room furniture or beddings/ towels should not be removed
from the guest room.
19. Any noise or disturbance of any kind to other residential student/
guest is prohibited.
20. Inviting any outside guest to visit Deer Park campus after 07.00 pm
is not permitted. No outside guest shall be permitted at all to stay in
the room of the guest/ resident. Residential guests/ students of Deer
Park Institute may only meet outside guests within the common
areas of Deer Park such as the Dining Hall area between 09.00 am to
07.00 pm.
21. If any guest/ student of Deer Park desires to go out of Deer Park
after 06.00 pm, he or she is required to re-enter Deer Park
before 10.00 pm at the latest, as Deer Park gate is locked at 10.00
pm for security reasons.
22. Any guest/ resident of Deer Park is requested to adhere to the entry
and departure timings of Deer Park Institute, which is during office
hours of 09.00 am to 12.00 pm and between 02.00 pm to 06.00 pm,
as Deer Park Staff are not available outside these timings. The Office
is closed on Sundays.
23. Guest room key should be returned to the reception in the office
before check out. In case the guest/ student desires to leave Deer
Park for a short period and is permitted to continue to retain the
same room, the guest room key should be returned to the Office.

I, ______________, have carefully read the above rules and regulations
of Deer Park Institute and understood them completely. I voluntarily
agree to follow these rules and regulations and accept the consequences
of my failure to do so, which shall include vacating the Deer Park
Institute in a peaceful and proper manner, as soon as requested to do so. I
am aware that I am fully responsible for any loss of my personal
properties/ belongings. I shall be entirely responsible for my health and/
or any injuries or accidents that I may suffer during my stay in Deer Park
Institute and I will not hold Deer Park Institute liable for any such loss of
my personal properties/ belongings, ill health and/ or any injuries or
accidents that I may suffer during my stay in Deer Park Institute. I shall
be liable to recompense Deer Park Institute for any loss or damage that I
may cause to any property of Deer Park Institute or any loss or damage to
any book or study material or such other resources of Deer Park Institute
including but not limited to those borrowed from or used in the Library. I
hereby declare that I am not suffering from any physical or mental illness
and do not have any history of any physical or mental illness. In case of
any such physical or mental illness, I hereby inform the Deer Park office
of the same as follows:
Physical illness: ___________________________________________.
Mental illness: ____________________________________________.

Signature: ______________________
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Email: _________________________
Identity document number: _____________________
OF ANY EMERGENCY: _____________________________________.
Place: Deer Park Institute, Bir.
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