Code of Conduct


The Deer Park sangha would like to welcome you to this campus and make your visit or stay as comfortable and
stress free as possible.
To this end we have implemented a student/visitor policy so that all of us have a common understanding of the
norms and guidelines for the do’s and don’ts on this precious ground.
The right to admission onto the Deer Park campus and the enjoyment of its facilities and programs is reserved by
the management. The management reserves the right to refuse admission or to remove any visitor who is in
violation of these rules or for any other reason at the sole discretion of the management. We have a zero-
tolerance policy towards any sexual misbehaviour, harassment, or bullying. If you wish to read the full and detailed
Deer Park Policy for Dharma Students, Guests and Visitors please contact the front office for a soft copy.
This is being explicitly stated so that you have a memorable experience of your visit/stay at Deer Park and go home
thinking of Deer Park as your home away from home.

Please understand that by entering the Deer Park campus you are giving consent to following these guidelines and
agree to abide by the Code of Conduct in the spirit of cooperation and sangha, for the benefit of all beings so that
they and you can partake of the nectar of the Dharma teachings without any obstacles.


1. Always be of help to others. At least do no harm to any other person, living being, animal, or plant. Do not
attempt to pet or to feed any pets including dogs and cats on the Institute premises.

2. Respect others’ property. Do not take what has not been freely given to you.

3. Be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions. Lies, gossip, frivolous, or divisive speech can hurt and
create long-lasting distress and suffering to the victims.

4. In aspiring to make our campus non-discriminatory, gender equal, and respectful to all communities,
including the LGBTQ, and other minorities, strive to be extra mindful about sexual comments, or
behaviour that may amount to sexual harassment or misconduct, whether deliberate or unintentional.

5. In order to create a calm and contemplative environment that is conducive to meditation and “mind
training”, we do not permit the consumption, drinking or smoking of any intoxicants and non-vegetarian

6. No impoliteness or discrimination towards any of the faculty members, other guests, visitors, or staff.

7. No noise or disturbance of any kind to other residential students or guests.

8. In order to respect the local tradition, students/guests, both men, and women should dress appropriately.