Aditya Anand – Introduction to Vedanta (POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 PRECAUTION)

Aditya Ji was Introduced to Vedanta at a very young age, he has been studying and Practicing Vedanta for the last 20 years. Besides studying it traditionally at Varanasi for years, He has learned and practiced the deeper tenets of Vedanta being with scholarly, renunciates and serious practitioners from Various parts of India.
He has done several Retreats in Solitude in the Himalayas in a deeper practice of Meditation and Japa
He currently lives in Varanasi where he gives teachings.

Course description; This course is meant for Sharing the Traditional Teachings of Non-Dual Vedanta or Advaita Vedanta.
The Teaching and Understanding of Vedanta are of Three Fold.
Sravan( Listening), Manan(Reflection)  and Nididhyasan(Meditative contemplation).
Sravan is systematic listening till you arrive at the conclusion of “Non-Dual Nature”  If one knows a lot of things, many different philosophies but has not arrived at the conclusion of non-duality, one should listen more.
Manan is contemplated. It resolves the “seemingly” conflicting understanding. The common examples of conflicting views are -The questions of Doings vs. Non-Doing, Witnessing vs.  Whole Awareness, Acceptance Vs. Changing Oneself and Growth, Free will vs Choice, etc . Once free from Conflicting views, the mind enters into smoothness, which helps to transcend. This Smoothness comes by reflecting as well discussing.
Nididhyasan (Meditative Contemplation) is giving oneself space to enter and establish into Non-Duality. That may be in the form of sittings and withdrawing oneself from all other activities for some time and letting the Reality Overtake and engulf you.
In this course, we will try to cover all the three aspects of Listening, Reflecting and Meditating, in dedicated sessions.


Sep 02 - 06 2020


All Day