Conscious Communication Retreat, Led by Roy Jacob

“I always think that if you look at anyone in detail, you will have empathy for them because you recognize them as a human being, no matter what they’ve done.” – Andrea Arnold

This retreat aims to empower you with tools of self-awareness and the ability to be more real, yet in a way that can be heard by others. This allows conflicts to be transformed into deeper understanding and connection. It can be a game-changer for your life, relationships, and work in the world.

Conscious Communication updates and expands on Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC). It gives many more choices for empathy as well as assertiveness and gives more emphasis on the energy we bring and not just the words we use. It shares with NVC the vision of creating a world where everyone’s needs matter. No prior training or experience in NVC is required.

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About the retreat:

This 5-day retreat will begin at 9:00 am on Tuesday, February 20th, and end by 5:00 pm on Saturday, February 24th, 2024.

Participation in the full schedule is requested to maintain the integrity of the group process.

More emphasis will be on practice than on theory; activities will include exercises with a partner, in small groups, and in the large group.

The language of the retreat will be in English; however, you are welcome to speak in other languages during exercises.

Tentative Schedule:

9am – 10:30am: Session 1
10:30am – 11am: Break
11am – 12:30 pm: Session 2
12:30pm – 3 pm: Lunch Break, Self-Care
3pm – 4:30 pm: Session 3
4:30pm – 5 pm: Break
5pm – 6:30 pm: Session 4
6:30pm – 8 pm: Dinner Break
8pm – 9:30 pm: Optional Participant-Led Activities

Who is this retreat for?
This workshop is open to anyone above the age of 18 years.
We welcome diversity and aim to be an inclusive space.

While this retreat is offered by Dana/donation and accommodation and food are as per actuals, a contribution of INR 200 is requested to cover the material costs.

Please note- “attendance in all sessions is mandatory.”
For queries, registration & accommodation, please email:

Your registration will be confirmed after a non-refundable advance payment of INR 1000 has been made to Deer Park Institute which will be adjusted against your food, stay, or material costs.

About the facilitator

Roy Jacob (he/him) is a facilitator, trainer, and conflict mediator.  He is the founder of the Conscious Communication Academy.  He grew up in the U.S. and worked as a software engineer before finding his true calling 20 years ago and coming to Kerala, where his family is from.  In India he does permaculture on a farm and works with various non-profit organizations, companies, and individuals looking for transformation.   He also facilitates workshops and retreats including Yes! JamsAuthentic Relating Games, and other programs especially for young adults.  He believes in the transformative power of ‘slowing down’.  


“Almost 6 months after the workshop, I crave for the space Roy has created for us in the Conscious Communication workshop.  He beautifully held the space valuing our emotions, thoughts and feelings… This helps manage my communication within myself and with the world. This workshop by Roy is a must attend!” – Namratha Sastry

“This is WAY beyond communication.  My mind is blown.  Learning about my inner self, the part of me I didn’t know existed, which influences my whole experience of life, my relationships with others and with myself.  How powerful words, language, and empathy are.  How I now believe any relationship can be repaired.  These 5 days have permanently changed my life. ” – Seema Gupta

“Roy’s workshop was an important turning point in our company’s journey, because it showed us that acknowledging our individual humanity is what enables us to achieve extraordinary business results.  In practicing conscious communication together, we build psychologically secure teams that encourage a meritocracy of ideas, find courage, and allow us to embrace personal responsibility, without being held back by individual ego, insecurity, or fear.” – Kunal Bambawale

“Words have power to transform a life.  Building vocabulary to get in touch with my feelings, needs & values has helped me to grow so much into my being.  It has been transformational.  The tools shared here are so powerful.” – Srishti Gupta



Feb 20 - 24 2024


Deer Park Institute, Bir
Deer Park Institute