Have you ever wondered, how we become, who we are..
How the precious childhood that we all go through, shapes up the adults that we become.

From the warmth we have to the triggers we encompass,
from the care we feel to the anger and rage that emerges,
from the happiness and joy to the depths of violent jealousy – how the roots of almost everything, lies in the first few years of our upbringing!

And hence, apart from understanding ourselves, how beautiful it would be to understand, how we can contribute to raising the coming generations more efficiently and harmoniously!

In this two day playful fun interactive workshop, we will explore:

–  Understanding our own inner child and childhood.
–  Understanding developmental trauma.
–  Neuroscience of caregiving and childhood.
  Brain remapping and rewiring tools and practices.
–  Conscious parenting.
–  Moving from coercion to collaboration.
–  Moving from punishment/reward to connection.
–  Mediating conflicts effectively
And much more..

Whether you are a parent, or a caretaker, teacher, or have nieces nephews, or children around you, OR, you have a curiosity to understand YOUR own inner child and childhood better and remap it – this workshop is for you!

About Mav :
With his work with NVC, Mav understood the deep importance of our childhood in shaping us as the adults we are. How the first few years of our life more or less shape up most of our conditioned responses and interactions in the world through the rest of our lives. He has studied with Liv Larson, Tisse Mallon and Kathleen McKee over depths of shame, guilt, and developmental trauma. It is his passion and dhamma to bring these tools of understanding our own inner child and how to effectively and joyously connect with the youngest members of our society – with a hope for more connected humanity.

“Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha”


Aug 10 - 11 2021


All Day


Deer Park Institute, Bir
Deer Park Institute