– An experience to taste and understand the profundities of music
An interactive workshop led by Naman from 14-17 September
Naman “Since music is subtly integrated into every aspect of our lives, the genre one might be interested in might not be a great difference as I wish to include very fundamental and nuanced elements of the musical notes. I have taken such workshops before and got a nourishing experience with the participants. This might be an interesting journey for anyone who wishes to seek peace through art. One might not be experienced with music and lovers of any form of music might consider it- be they from Indian classical, western classical, folk music, film songs, or any other kind of genre. Every genre is an interpretation of 12 fundamental notes which contain an entire science in themselves. They are important for balancing our regular life, also known as ‘naad yoga’. I shall be simplifying the concept of Hindustani classical music as an exploratory exercise to understand the notes, laya, and concept of the raag. This shall be a participatory exercise with each participant’s reflections that would be collective learning for all. The workshop shall cover the following aspects around the same”
– Breathing techniques: 
– Meditation through music:
– How to listen (listening exercises):
– Concept of swaras:
– Concept of laya: 
– Concept of Raag , emotions and aesthetics:

Take away-
an experience and a schedule for practice so that they can implement music in their life easily.


Naman has been associated with music; practicing, performing & teaching; since the past 15years. He holds multiple degrees and diplomas from the Ambedkar University, Delhi,  Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Indira Kala University, and the University of Delhi. completing his graduation & music diploma from one of the reputed music schools of Hindustani classical music i.e.Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, New Delhi where he got the blessings to learn from many different gurus. His master’s degree is in Performance study where his area of research was on the ‘pedagogy of music’. Naman has got the grateful opportunity to work with great musicians an nr with a different organizations,  schools, and colleges within the different states about the same. 
For Naman, music transcends the physical world of just listening, singing & enjoying. Naman, as an artist, has always believed in the power of music & how it can be harnessed to bring forth a change in the communities by feelings of connectedness- with self & others, for which music acts as a doorway. He is not only passionate about it but believes that there is music in each one of us; we only need to channelize it and it has tremendous power to orient us in the here & now. Furthermore, Naman is a firm believer in the potency of music in being conducive to a positive change in the society & the transformative power of music which can be utilized to foster a harmonious relationship between members of the society. So, as a musician, Naman isn’t only a performer or a teacher but himself a learner who considers these labels not strong enough in front of the power of music and wishes to help everyone he comes in contact with, to help them realise their musical capacities.


Sep 14 - 17 2021


All Day


Deer Park Institute, Bir
Deer Park Institute