Satya Jehman – Why Writing Matters – Writing workshop (POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 PRECAUTION)


Language Note for Writing Workshops: In these writing workshops, I strongly recommend that participants consider writing in their first language. If we experienced our early lives in a language other than English, it is often that first language that leads the way into our deepest truths and memories. When writing is shared within the group (always voluntarily), it can be shared in the first language and then loosely translated into English. This gives writers access to the freedom and the rhythms of writing that comes naturally through the body as well as through the reflections of the mind. Writing can always be translated into English and grammar can easily be fixed, but to be fully recognized, the memories of heart, mind, and body often need expression through their first language of experience.

Satya comes from 20 years of experience in both the writing and yoga world. She has a background in journalism and project management – and a depth of experience in marketing and web content management. She has written for annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly publications, with a focus on feature writing for the magazine. In the last few years, she has focused on editing, and recently edited her first book: Advaita Vedanta for Ordinary People by Stephan Kahlert. She has also written manuals and guides, including the South Asian Stories Facilitator’s Guide, which is used in BC high schools in Canada to raise awareness about the struggles, celebrations, and contributions of  Indian people to Canadian culture. Satya is an Indian woman born in Canada who has traveled extensively worldwide, including a period in West Africa working for Journalists for Human Rights. She has a passion for supporting people in connecting with their highest and deepest potential – and has mainly been focusing on projects that support deepening and expansion. For the last 10 years, Satya has been floating between her Motherland of India and her birth land of Canada.



Apr 02 - 05 2020


All Day


Deer Park Institute, Bir
Deer Park Institute