Shunyatam – A creative Arts and Meditation Workshop led by Lucky Vakharia

The theme is REWILD – Arrive at the centre and go Beyond.
Day One –   Module 1: Be Still and Replug
Day two –    Module 2: Be Still and Rekindle
Day three – Module 3: Be still and Rewild
If you are someone experiencing a creative block, anxiety or burnout,
or even someone who loves to have fun this workshop is for you. In this
workshop we will contemplate on the self and its selflessness, experience
the mind and it’s awareness through meditation from a Buddhist perspective,
and then express ourselves creatively through art, writing, storytelling,
drama and movement.
Free of the thinking mind arrive at our authentic true wild selves.
About the Facilitator :
Lucky Vakharia is a graduate of Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art and a post-graduate in the field of Animation Film Design from the National Institute of Design. She is an Animation Filmmaker, a theatre actor, an avid reader, a traveller,  forever a student of Buddhist psychology, and a relentless seeker of the truth!


Nov 20 - 22 2022


Deer Park Institute, Bir
Deer Park Institute