Stephen Mosblech – Relaxing back into Awareness


A lot of people get get sucked into a mind-body habit of constrictedness, solidity and a lot of effort. This hyper-activated state of mind-body takes a lot of work to maintain, a lot of neurotic energy, distraction and primordial panic and it supports the intricate illusion of immense pain and disconnection; it’s definitely exhausting! 

During these guided meditation sessions we will orient towards gentleness and spaciousness to relax mind and body, softening our deep effort-habit. As the mind softens and the body softens, ingrained patterns of constriction, stress and trauma spontaneously unwind and dissolve back into space.

As we get intimate with surrendering controlling maybe we can accept letting the breath breathe the body without intention, hope or fear; maybe we can let go further and let the mind melt entirely back into awareness and get a glimpse of the silent, radiant ocean before the world was born.

We will incorporate sitting, walking and lying meditation to balance concentration and relaxation. There will be gentle guidance. Inviting relaxing. Inviting unfolding, opening. Inviting silence. Inviting playfulness, dreaming, non-doing. Inviting spaciousness, release, creativity, freedom.


About Stephen Mosblech

Stephen’s primary interest is in healing as a wisdom path. He is a practitioner of craniosacral work and other subtle energy healing practices. Every individual he shares the fate to engage in healing work with is his teacher.

He has been practicing meditation for the past 16 years. He began sitting with the Kwan Um School of Zen while a student at Brown University. He has undergone training in the Mahasi Technique at Panditarama Centers in Myanmar and Nepal and at Insight Meditation Society. In 2015 he began receiving guidance from Tai Situ Rinpoche. The spiritual teachers he has met and learned from are the greatest wealth in his life.


Apr 06 - 10 2018


All Day




Deer Park Institute, Bir
Deer Park Institute