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The great myths and epics of the world retain a timeless appeal and allure despite being in existence for many millennia, because they are powerful mirrors to our deepest inner realities. A mirror that people have been fruitfully looking into for generations, in their search for clarity and meaning.

Our own Rāmāyanā and Mahābhāratā are no different. Considered two of the most important epics of the world, they have provided great nourishment to the people of this land for eons.

The word purāṇā, the Indian equivalent for ‘mythology’, means ancient yet nascent. Myth is a system of symbols and metaphors, for the eternal human motifs and challenges that all humans experience, irrespective of our surface differences and diversities.

The Mahābhāratā, often considered the 5th Veda is the longest epic in the world. It’s a vast repository of psychological types, human contexts and dharmasankatās that could aid anybody in a self-reflective exploration of their inner-worlds. Perhaps this is why it’s said in its praise: “Whatever is here might be found elsewhere, but whatever is not here is nowhere else.”

In this workshop, we will:

  • Learn about the importance of a self-reflective engagement with thePurāṇā
  • Explore who the Pāndavās within us are and how these archetypes play out in our everyday lives, including some basic functional and dysfunctional expressions of these propensities.
  • Get introduced to the Draupadi and Karṇa archetypes and also see how the Mahabharata is primarily a text of Yoga.

Designed as a simple process involving Art, Theater, Yoga and Process Work, these workshops are intended to be a stepping stone for a whole gamut of progressively deeper explorations (including Arjuna’s Tapas, The Mahabharata Immersion etc) offered by Ritambhara.

Most importantly, it is hoped that processes like these would kindle the curiosity of the participants in self-reflectively delving deeper into their own psyches and understanding themselves better.

Participants from any background and above 18 years of age are welcome. Prior knowledge of the Mahabharata is useful but not mandatory. An openness to new learning and perspectives, along with a keenness to look within and be self-reflective are the only prerequisites needed.

For further details and queries about the workshop, please contact: naveen.ritambhara@gmail.c

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About the Partnering Organization:

Ritambhara is a space for contemplative conversations fostered by a community of seekers, who are attempting to engage with the question of ‘What does it mean to live meaningfully in today’s times, along the path of Yoga?’ The members share a common concern for the current ecological, socio-cultural and political state of the world, and find deep wisdom and hope in the teachings and praxis of Yoga as a way forward from these crises. The activities of Ritambhara include, active co-learning through inner work, group study and practice of the various aspects of the Ashtanga Yoga, exploratory dialogues on the different facets of the Indian tradition, and facilitating learning spaces and opportunities for others on a similar quest.

About the Facilitator:

Naveen is a student of Yoga. Over the last 15 years he has been engaged with the question: “What is Right Action and Livelihood in today’s times?” The journey, while still ongoing, has been richly rewarding and fulfilling. He is a co-founder of Ritambhara and is also associated with the ‘Social Entrepreneurship Association’ in Auroville. His interests include Evolutionary Leadership, Integral Psychology and Process Work. He is particularly interested in working with young changemakers and those interested in bridging spirituality and social change. He loves reading, good cinema and spending time in ‘nature’.


Jul 14 - 16 2019


All Day




Deer Park Institute, Bir
Deer Park Institute


Deer Park Institute