Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation’ retreat Led by Ven. Mettananda & Delson Armstrong (Registration closed)

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The Buddha taught an ‘easy to understand’ practice that was comfortable, light, and fun to learn. It led you down the noble path to understanding his true teaching.

This teaching has both “Samatha” (Tranquillity) and “Vipassana” (Insight) woven into the practice. Lay people can practice his daily antidote for suffering so they can better manage the day-to-day challenges they face in today’s world. By changing our minds, we change our life.

Sasanadipika Ven. Khanti Khema and Dhammacharya Sobhana will take you on a journey to experience a way out of much of the suffering you face today. Come and listen to a gentle voice read from the Buddha’s own words. Begin to see what Buddha Gotama experienced in his own meditation and why he said, “We are the happy ones!”. Learn about the Buddha’s measures for your own successful meditation. Reclaim your own internal peace and smile.

The Retreat Schedule:

Saturday, Sep 17 – Arrival at Deer Park. Registration will begin after 9 AM.
Saturday, Sep 17 – The evening opening talk will include site orientation, guidelines for retreat, & basic instruction. Evening snack/early dinner is provided on registration day.
Sunday,  Sep  18  – Retreat Begins with daily interviews starting on Sep 19.
Tuesday, Sep 27 – Retreat ends at 9 AM, after morning service, meditation and breakfast.

Daily Schedule
5:00  AM – Wake up
5:30  AM – 3 Refuges, Precepts, and Dhammapada Reading
5:45  AM – Group Sitting Meditation

7:00  AM – Breakfast

8:30  AM – Sitting and Walking Meditation

11:00 AM – Lunch

1:30  PM – Sitting and Walking Meditation

5:00  PM – Teatime

5:30- 6:15 PM –  Q&A Session with Visual guidances

6:30 PM – Dhamma Talk

8:30 PM – Post-Dhamma Talk walking and meditation

10:00 PM – Sleep time

Teacher Bios:

Sasanadipika Ven. Khanti Khema is a Suttavadin Buddhist Nun ordained in 2006 by His Holiness, Most Ven. Bhante Vimalaramsi Mahā Thero. Since 2000 she has ordained in 2003, Co-Founded United International Buddha Dhamma Society (UIBDS) & Dhamma Sukha Meditation Centre (DSMC)  and been the codirector for the Asian Region since 2014. She is the oldest student of her teacher and proclaimed a Master Dhamma and Meditation instructor. Her compassion has no limits for serving others to relieve personal suffering  by teahing them to  practice TWIM. She is determined to build a permanent Dhamma and Meditation School and Vihara to serve the Asian Region. She follows in the footsteps of her Upacaya (spiritual mentor) Bhante Vimalaramsi. Her emphasis is to return this Humanitarian Practice to the place where it all began: INDIA . TWIM belongs to all humanity so we might reach one day a position of common sense and World Peace.

She emphasizes fun while training you and encourages you to ask all your questions and take this practice home into your life to share with others. The 6 Rs as we fondly call TWIM, repeats the 4 Steps of Right Effort (samma vayama) in an easy way for stunning results.

Dhammacariya Sobhana is a distinguished meditation and Buddhist studies teacher. He is regarded as a master meditation teacher in Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation. He dedicates his life to teaching the path to liberation through methodology laid out in the Buddhist sutras and guides beginners and experienced meditators in videos and 10-day retreats.
His latest book “A Mind Without Craving” offers a detailed exploration into the nature of reality, behavioral reprogramming, karma, rebirth, consciousness, and liberation.
Dhammacariya Sobhana is the Dhamma name of Delson Armstrong.

Texts used:

Majjhima Nikaya – Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translation. Participants will be given a booklet containing the meditation instructions, sutta excerpts and other material.


Sep 17 - 27 2022


Deer Park Institute, Bir
Deer Park Institute