Upadhyaya Elaine Yuen – Shambhala Art Workshop

Day 1: Coming to Your Senses
Day 2: Sign and Symbol

Shambhala Art is activity that springs from the meditative state of mind. It is based on teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, that appreciate the uniqueness of everyday sensory experience, the art of everyday life, and the universal nature of the creative process. Seeing the simplicity of things as they are provides the ground for genuine expression. It is training in artfulness, rather than the practice of being an artist in a specific discipline.

Shambhala Art Part One: Coming to Your Senses explores sense perceptions as a gateway to wakefulness. The workshop includes talks, discussion, meditation practice and experiential exercises that delve into tasting smelling touching seeing and hearing. We learn through contemplative practice that we can rest in “square one,” a state of mindfulness and awareness where our mind, body, and environment are synchronized and self-expression can transform into pure-expression.

In Shambhala Art Part Two: Sign and Symbol we discover that what we perceive in art and everyday life is inextricably linked to our understanding of the nature of the signs and symbols around us. We will explore how we construct our perception of art through thoughts, technique, and experiences using contemplative and creative exercises. Seeing the difference between thought sense and felt sense, as well as how they work together, empowers our creative and viewing processes.

Elaine Yuen

Upadhyaya Elaine Yuen, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Chair of the Master of Divinity Program at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado where she teaches courses on spirituality and ritual, Buddhism, and pastoral care. She has taught national and international programs exploring the interfaces between Buddhism, meditation, creativity, and contemplative care-giving. Dr. Yuen is cross-trained as a social science researcher; and is particularly interested in the relationships between meditation and the creative process. She trained as a Senior Teacher and Upadhyaya (Buddhist Minister) in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Elaine continues her exploration of contemporary life through many activities as a teacher, parent, and artist.



Feb 16 - 17 2019


All Day




Deer Park Institute, Bir
Deer Park Institute


Deer Park Institute